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2plan wealth management - behind the scenes in 2023.

Chris Smallwood Published 22/02/2023

People will know 2plan as a national firm of financial advisers. What people won’t necessarily know is that we also hold a secret – a company called Figure Out Ltd. Figure Out designs and builds all the technology for the advisers and firms who work with 2plan wealth management. As CEO, you may expect me to say that it’s “probably” (as Carlsberg put it) the best technology in the land – however, the reason I say that is because that’s what our advisers and firms tell us every day and one of the main reasons they decided to bring their businesses to 2plan.

Not only do we provide a complete technology proposition, but firms can choose to leave all the old baggage of out-dated processes behind, embrace leading edge IT and work in a less stressful environment where things actually work and systems actually talk to each other. Furthermore, we actively encourage advisers to tell us what will make their lives easier so they have input in how we set out our roadmap over the year.

The pandemic would be an example of where Figure Out came into its own when advisers had to adapt to new ways of working with their clients and clients required different solutions to interact with their adviser.

Figure Out Ltd

2plan wealth management - growth and continued growth.

Since the beginning of 2020 when Covid struck, 2plan has grown from 230 advisers to 414 as of time of writing.

"So what?" you might well say - almost 200 advisers who have joined 2plan over the last three years now work more efficiently and effectively, using our bespoke technology to empower their businesses. Their clients use their portals to send, receive and digitally sign documents (no matter what age). They have also grown their client-base and/or re-shaped their business into one which a purchaser will want to buy when they retire – and to support this, we have provided the funding to make it happen.

So what’s next? We use APIs to continue to integrate with cash flow planning and mortgage sourcing tools and we are exploring digital wealth solutions for inter-generational planning for clients who are starting out on the investment journey or for those clients who only require a certain level of service at certain times, freeing up the adviser to concentrate on clients who require more of their expertise.

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